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Reishi Cultivation

Cultivation of Quality Red Reishi Mushroom

Germination of red reishi mushroom in a natural environment is not easily attained due to its hard shell surface. The surrounding environment such as temperature, humidity, sunlight, quality of the wood logs, and carbon dioxide density in the air all play an important role in the cultivation process. If any of the above conditions are not met, red reishi mushroom will not grow to maturity and its medicinal value will be largely diminished. This cultivation method takes about one year. The cultivation time for low quality reishi mushroom is approximately 3 - 4 months only while wild-grown reishi mushroom is prone to diseases and insect infestations.

Cultivation of TOI Red Reishi Mushroom

The process for cultivation of TOI red reishi mushroom involves grafting the superior reishi fungi onto aged dried wood logs of Japanese Oak which are then placed in greenhouses under strict controlled environmental conditions. It is watched carefully by SEIKEN WELL experienced growers over its cultivation period. This method of cultivation is far more complex and time consuming than the other method, which is, in bottles of wood pulp.


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